[thelist] Linux/PHP/MySQL advantages over WinNT/ASP/MSSQL?

Lauri Väin optima at hot.ee
Thu Oct 5 01:20:30 CDT 2000


> Hi from Sweden Lauri :-)


> What is your responsibility here? It sounds to me as though your areas of
> responsibility haven't been defined properly. Are you *supposed* to be
> coding new additions to the Intranet? Or is your area of responsibility more
> to do with information update?

The contract says: assisting the SysAdmin. In reality, I have to add information
to the Intranet site, report the bugs to the company that developed the existing
site and so on. Soon, the Internet project will start, I'm also in charge of
this. Also some people want to bring some sites to Estonia from Sweden, on of
them being a part of the MPS (Mobile Positioning System) site.

> Or do you do this work for the company part time? Either way my advice is
> "slow down" :-) You don't need to solve the company's entire information
> architecture problem today!

I work part time. And I'll consider slowing down :-) Some people want just want
their stuff online fast, thats all.

> Secondly, in what way is ASP not cross-platform compared to PHP? Check out
> ChiliASP which runs on Linux. There are other free Linux based ASP
> alternatives as well. OK, ASP isn't open in the way that PHP is, but you can
> still use it across a range of OS solutions.

Didn't know that, I thought that ASP was developed by MS and MS only.

> Thirdly, I'm glad you love your work, but I would recommend that a more open
> attitude towards different software technologies would increase your value!

I have an open attitude (more or less). I try to learn as much as I can, I just
kind of gave the wrong impression (I was a bit pissed off at the time writing my
first posts :-)). Sorry!

> By taking such a hardline approach, you are simply cutting yourslef off from
> being useful in more ways. I recommend that you build your PHP skills.

I promise I'll try to learn other languages when I get the time, ASP and Perl
sound pretty good right now, any idea where I can get some tutorials on them?

> Evangalise PHP as much as you like, but take a peek at ASP.

I will, I promise! And I *always* keep my promises(Ok, there was this one time
two years ago :-))


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