[thelist] Email hosting

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Thu Oct 5 07:31:57 CDT 2000

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb answer, but have you considered asking your
existing ISP (or perhaps any other reputable ISP you know of). You may find
that it's not an advertised service but that they can set it up quite simply
for you - or suggest some more information about what the service entails.

Alternatively I could be talking rubbish!!  :-)


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> Can anyone suggest a vendor for this:
> I want to be able to host a mail domain (actually
> it's for family, but hey, it sounds like a business model to
> me) which allows me/users to have mail forwarded
> to their own 'normal' email address.
> So I can get
> alice at thisdomain.net forwarding to alice837 at talk21.com
> bob at thisdomain.net forwarding to bthing at hotmail.com
> etc
> and the users can update their own addresses as need be.
> This is kind of part of the deal that some web hosts
> offer, but the only web access I need is for the admin.
> I don't need POP boxen, but I do need forwarding.
> Ideas? Costs?
> Cheers
> Martin

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