[thelist] color blindness

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Thu Oct 5 08:13:37 CDT 2000

As someone with a bit of a background in ergonomics, I can tell you that
some of that 10% of the population are not even aware that they are color
If your colour scheme is not "mission-critical" ( you don't rely on colour
as a major site navigation tool) then I say don't bother changing it.
Note: I did not take a look at the design. I'm offline currently.

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From: "Ron Jourard" <ronjourard at home.com>
> I'm redesigning and thinking of using a nav bar with different shades
> of green. Apparently (tested on http://vischeck.com/runVischeck.php3),
> these shades look brownish to the 10 per cent of the populace - who
> suffer from color blindness. For those of you who do design work,
> would this sway you to try a different color scheme?

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