[thelist] Macs and MS FTP...

Eric D. McMillen ericmcmillen at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 5 11:23:54 CDT 2000

Is the FTP set up to accept anonymous connections or only from authorized
accounts?  If it won't accept anonymous you probably need to enter the
domain name the account is coming from instead of just the user name, i.e.
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> on 10/6/00 1:01 AM, Mike King at mike.king at redroom.co.uk wrote:
> > I've got a bit of a problem (no sarky comments please!).
> > There's a site going live on Sat, that the client needs to ftp to from a
> > I thought no problem. The ftp account is set-up (I've been uploading etc
> > through it for ages.) but whenever he connects using a mac it times out
> > getting folder info...
> I have EXACTLY the same problem connecting to my hosting provider from a
> and also from a Solaris Sparc Box. They are set up the same way as you,
> IIS, MSFTP. I thought I was the only person having this problem!
> Fetch sometimes works, but not all the time. It's extremely annoying
> I can't use the ftp functions in GoLive or DreamWeaver.
> I have not yet found a solution.
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