[thelist] spectra development timeframe

Jonathan Lim jonathan.lim at netdecisions.co.uk
Thu Oct 5 13:13:29 CDT 2000

It's very iterative. So you should expect to go back and tweak your spec and
code a few times. It is very difficult to think about every contingency that
may occur.

I've had experience with a project which had a design already and wanted to
use Spectra to implement it. I would suggest that another approach might be
more productive: The graphic designers work closely with the object
designers to get the optimum initial spec. Your spec will grow more closely
with what is wanted and your object designers can spot reuse more easily as
they work through the site together.

How long for object design? It depends on how complex your objects are. But
I would say minimum of 30% dev.

BTW I would suggest you get an Allaire consultant in to help you with your
first object design. Fun pitfalls are designing embedded shared objects and
then find out that you can't search them!

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>Does your 6 weeks include object design?

not sure. we hope to write a detailed tech spec, (after we've written a 
functionality and content and navigation definiton) in two weeks (don't 
laugh), not sure if we include object design in that... . How long would 
object design phase take (20% development time, 40%, ...?)

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