[thelist] symlinks/freebsd/apache

Daniel J. Cody djc at five2one.org
Thu Oct 5 15:15:15 CDT 2000

Rude - 

Think thats a cool idea, and you'll notice that http://evolt.org/browser
and http://evolt.org/browsers redirect you to the browser archive now..
This is kinda what you're suggesting, but on a more generic level(i just
added those redirects last week).

as for redirecting to specific articles based on generic keyword, don't
know if that would work.. what happens when you get more than one
article with the same subject?


you'd have to decide which goes where and what points to what. its a
great idea, but there are just too many articles ..

on a more generic level though, 

http://evolt.org/commentary -> the commentary 'center'
http://evolt.org/code -> the code center

might be a good idea. what say you?!? ;)


rudy wrote:
> > Alias /photos "/where/ever/pics"
> > Alias /photoes "/where/ever/pics"
> > Alias /photos/ "/where/ever/pics"
> > Alias /photoes/ "/where/ever/pics"
> thanks dan & thanks martin for the example -- i liked the quail referense
> ;o)
> what a coincidence, this reminds me of something i was thinking about just
> yesterday (so, like, lost in the antiquities of time, now...  you know how
> it is when you get older, the days seem to zip by faster and faster and
> then BLAM, one day yougo to sleep forever...)
> anyhow, without getting into whether this type of "mapping" should be
> accomplished with aliases or redirects or application.cfm files or
> whatever...
> ... it sure would be useful when pointing people to specific articles in
> the evolt site
> it would be so much easier to type  http://evolt.org/foobar  from memory
> than to (a) go to the site and run a search for the article, which is not
> always convenient if you are answering email offline, then (b) cut and
> paste the resulting url into your email message
> i sure can't remember article id numbers, heck i have trouble remembering
> what colour socks i got on at this very moment
> [ made you look!!! ]
> besides, when your recipients get the email with
> http://evolt.org/index.cfm?menu=8&cid=669 in it, they may have to cut and
> paste into the address bar anyway, as not all emailers will automatically
> underline the entire url including all parameters
> (http://evolt.org/index.cfm?menu=8&cid=669, by the way, is the only
> article that comes up on a search for "foobar")
> some realistic examples that come to mind --
>   640 x 480 Isn't Dead Just Yet
>            deadyet ==> index.cfm?menu=8&cid=275
>   Liquid Tables
>            liquid  ==> index.cfm?menu=8&cid=2321
>   web site architecture 101
>            architecture101 ==> index.cfm?menu=8&cid=635
>   Some Caveats with Using Frames
>            frames  ==> index.cfm?menu=8&cid=293
> now *that's* what i call a site map!
> i have an article in me somewhere, more of a rant really, which basically
> says that any time you see a Site Map on a web site, run for the hills --
> you're gonna get lost in this site fer shure, yessirreee
> see, your navigation scheme *is* your site map, and if you need a site map
> to explain your site structure, how good is your nav scheme, eh?
> okay, i can see the benefit of having a page which lists all the other
> pages in the site, like what you would get if you took the home page of a
> directory like yahoo and expanded all the entries, exploded all the
> breadcrumb trails, in an indented list or something...
> ... but who does that anymore?  the few times i've seen this method, it
> was pretty effective, i think they are called navigation trees or
> something...
> if anyone has run across any sites with good site maps, i'd love to see
> them...

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