[thelist] Linux RH 6.2 FTP server problems.

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Thu Oct 5 17:14:03 CDT 2000

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Subject: Re[2]: [thelist] Linux RH 6.2 FTP server problems.
Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 17:44:31 -0500
From: Christopher Ditty <CDitty at email.usps.gov>
To: thelist-admin <thelist-admin at lists.evolt.org>

     Passive mode didn't work.  The ftp box is behind a firewall, but we
     are allowing port 21 to pass through.  Any other ideas?

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Subject: RE: [thelist] Linux RH 6.2 FTP server problems.
Author:  thelist-admin at lists.evolt.org at INTERNET
Date:    10/5/00 5:23 PM

or set the ftp server to allow passive mode ...

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> From: Daniel J. Cody [mailto:djc at five2one.org]
> You(or possibly it) are behind a firewall. Config your ftp -
> if its you
> thats firewalled - client to let it know you're behind a firewall.

>      password, but when I type anything (ie...ls, cd), I
> get a connection

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