[thelist] Flash Transparancy

Andy Wojtowski awojtowski at oracular.com
Thu Oct 5 17:32:37 CDT 2000

I am trying to lay a flash movie in a liquid table cell. The web page
already has a background image so I want to be able to place a Flash
movie in the cell and have it first adjust to the size of the cell and
second be transparent so the background image is visible. Is this even
possible? I am using Flash 4.0 on a PC.

<tip type="Flash"> In Flash you can dynamically import a text file into
a Flash movie thus eliminating the need to have Flash to update text
fields. To accomplish this you set up a text file with the format of the
variablename=Text to be placed in Flash movie
In your Flash movie create three frames with blank key frames in them.
In the first frame place the action...

Load Variables("./textfilename.txt",0)

In the second frame set up the action...

If (variablename ne"")
  Go to and Stop("Done")
End if

Label the third frame "Done" and place a text box on the stage with the
variable name in the corresponding box under properties for the text
box. The formatting values that you set to the text box will format the
imported text. You can ad more than one variable to the same text file
by placing an "&" between the end of the text for the first variable and
second variable name.</tip>
Andrew Wojtowski
Interface and Graphic Designer
awojtowski at oracular.com

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