[thelist] color blindness

Frank framar at interlog.com
Thu Oct 5 22:48:17 CDT 2000

>  IMHO, folks who are color blind are accustomed to seeing
>  the way they do, and it would be hard to judge matters
>  of color preference for them. The real issue re.: color
>  blindness is contrast anong elements on a page. A person
>  who is red/green colorblind sees very little difference
>  between red and green, and so reddish text on a greenish
>  background would be mostly illegible.

I've only complained on a few occasions about colour schemes. What it 
boiled down to was "Do I really want to read this site?"

Feel free to send me your URL off list (if you wish), and I think I 
can give you a fair opinion as to whether the rest of us in the top 
10% might think.



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