[thelist] Linux/PHP/MySQL advantages over WinNT/ASP/MSSQL?

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Fri Oct 6 02:12:13 CDT 2000

Whoah! I'm about to move house (assuming I can find somewhere to move to)
and I've been dreading trying to find the time to clean the house to the
standards expected by Swedes! So I'm gonna hire someone to do
"flyttstädning" - "move cleaning". 

However, seeing the availability of mylackey.com is the first time I've ever
wished I could move to the US :-) Anyone know of such a service in
Gothenburg???? (I thought not!)

OK, *that* deserves a tip :-p

<tip "The Gimp">

If you are a Linux user and you do any graphics, I highly recommend
downloading the latest version of The Gimp (or upgrading to one of the
latest distros should do it!). Having recently returned to using the Gimp
after a long pause because it couldn't do the tasks I wanted, I have been
extremely pleased to see how stable and mature it has become.

Try the latest stable version here: http://www.gimp.org/download.html (and
then pick one of the mirrors below). I think you'll be pleasantly surprised
by how useable this program has become.


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> From: martin burns [mailto:martin at lists.evolt.org]

> >
> >Aaaah, if the work would be the only thing that "eats" my 
> time away - I also
> >have school and training(I do competiton shooting) plus I 
> try to learn 
> >PHP. And
> >now of course comes ASP - jipppeee!
> Welcome to the world of 'cash-rich, time-poor'.
> It's at this kind of paradigm-shift that you start looking 
> into concierge
> services:
> http://www.mylackey.com/
> http://www.tenuk.com/
> Cheers
> Martin

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