[thelist] Password authentication in NT - ADSI ?

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Thanks Ron, this is the closest to what I want. What I would like to do
however is to ask them to log on using their NT user name and password (two
fields in the form) and then selectively show them fields or not (will get
the required fields to show from a database depending on rights alloted by
the admin of the intranet website). I don't want to use the initial login by
the user into the NT domain for verification because people can move from
machine to machine during the course of work irrespective of who has logged
onto the machine. Basically, I want to check a form entered user name and
password against the NT domain user name and password. Your solution says
that I show everything and validate user name and password (that works
perfectly), while I want to show them fields and folders depending on the
I hope that what I am trying to convey is somewhat clear !
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This is simple, but requires a bit of help from your SysAdmin [fortunately
for me, its me :-)]. Just set the security on the IIS folders to use NT
Authentication and uncheck the Anonymous Access box. Then add the proper
groups to the security tab in the folders' properties. This will
automatically pop up a UserID and PW prompt for them to fill in.


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