[thelist] Vignette StoryServer opinions?

Les Lytollis l.lytollis at hughesrae.co.uk
Fri Oct 6 09:33:54 CDT 2000

Thanks for the CMS link Martin - I found it most interesting, having just
moved from being the *web person* for a small co working with PHP/mySQL to a
developer in a team of 7 (and growing rapidly) providing e-commerce
solutions with Vignette/Oracle. Any further info/resources regarding
Vignette/Tcl from anyone would be great.

As the original question, I don't really understand enough about it yet to
comment, but from initial impressions it seems like most of the emphasis
here is on StoryServer / V/5's CMS capabilities.


> >Can anyone give me their learned/experienced opinion of Vignette
> >in the following capacities?
> >content management, workflow management, personalisation, customisation?
> Vignette has come on a long way since the StoryServer days. It
> now has strong capabilities in all those areas,

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