[thelist] color blindness

Frank framar at interlog.com
Fri Oct 6 10:20:36 CDT 2000

>   My argument is that we should try to accomodate people. I
>don't see that as a problem.
>   You can *try* to accomodate the most common form of color
>blindness without ruining your design.
>>but having to make a decision that makes
>>  the site better for the MAJORITY of your viewers.

 From my experience, it's not so much that one must agonize over every 
simple choice. In most cases, for colour blind people, if  you 
provide a fair amount of difference between hues, you'll be doing 
fine, regardless of colour. I've seen what was meant as green and 
purple appear as grey and black. The important thing is that there 
was a wide difference in hue. And besides, these sort of decisions 
come natuarally after you've practiced them a short while.

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