[thelist] Mac FTP Clients (was Macs and MS FTP...)

zachary mutrux zac at mutrux.com
Fri Oct 6 11:23:10 CDT 2000

I've just downloaded Transmit, and it looks like a great replacement for
Fetch; it's nimble and unencumbered by hoary cruft. Not that a different
client will solve the problem in the parent thread.


I've liked certain features of Anarchie (now known as Interarchy): the
ability to retrieve via HTTP in addition to FTP, the little traceroute and
whois tools that are built in, and the ability to download an entire web



zachary mutrux
zac at mutrux.com

If only I had known before 10/5/2000 3:05 PM, that Baker, Nick would say

> Have you tried Fetch? Available free download from Dartmouth U.
> Sorry I don't have the url.
> Nick

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