[thelist] Macromedia vs. Adobe

Mike Migurski mike at cloudfactory.org
Fri Oct 6 15:17:02 CDT 2000

Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator are all de facto standards
for a reason: Macromedia got the web apps right first, and Adobe got the
design apps right first.

I personally use PS, AI, and IR to do all of my image-editing because they
work well as a suite, are more supported with more users, and I find that
the adobe aesthetic is right for me - it's pretty important (to me) for a
tool to breathe quality, and macromedia apps feel sloppy and poorly
thought out where Adobe has mastered the user interface and workflow of
its applications. Flash and Illustrator integrate very well, so no
problems there, although if Adobe added flash's advanced scripting
features to Live Motion I'd probably use that. (I can't believe it took
*5* versions of flash to finally acknowledge that some people prefer to
code by hand, in BBEdit)


>On to the next issue.  Macromedia vs. Adobe.  At home I've found that 
>I can't hardly do what I want to do unless I have Illustrator and 
>With Photoshop 5.5/Imageready, I don't feel such a need to use 
>Fireworks to export gifs.  So if I want to do vector art, I use 
>Illustrator, because I can't seem to import Freehand files into 
>Photoshop.  Unless I run them thru Fireworks first.
>Jeez.  I could have said that better but...
>Now assuming I want to use FLASH down the road... and I want to work 
>with both vector and bitmap graphics...
>And out of curiosity... which company is more evil, Macromedia or 
>Adobe?  Which one comes up with the cool ideas first, and which one 
>is the copycat?  Or is this question as complicated as the 
>compatibility question?
>There must be an easier way.
>(wants a Mac and a PC and Adobe and Macromedia and Cold Fusion Studio 
>and BBEdit...yikes! this is getting expensive...)
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