[thelist] Macromedia vs. Adobe

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Oct 7 12:44:09 CDT 2000

> From: Erika Meyer <erika at seastorm.com>
> Was it always you, John?

there was another Macromedia guy on the MJ list as well, and 
maybe even a third, but he's been off my radar forever now... musta 
been 2 or more years ago...

> In any case, this always made me feel that someone at Macromedia 
> cares about what web designers think/feel/need/want.  I've never seen 
> an Adobe rep jump in to these discussions anywhere-- not that I've 
> done any thorough research.

i agree... but FWIW, i do know that Adobe reps hang out on the 
Lyris Photoshop list... but that's easier to define as part of their job 
duties than signing up to something called 'monkeyjunkies' or 

> I was just getting clip art for my daughter's Halloween invitations 
> at arttoday.com.  She wanted a couple of .eps files: a cat & a 
> ballerina with a pumpkin head.  Usually I open these .eps files in 
> Freehand.  But this time when I tried to open them in Freehand, I got 
> leetle teeny "0's" tiled everywhere on them.

sounds like a PostScript fill, or otherwise overly-complex or 
undefined fill... try printing one and see what you get... PostScript 
fills don't render on-screen sometimes (depending on a lot of 
factors), so it just uses a symbol that it tiles...

you could also remove the fill (use the object inspector to define a 
regular or other kind of fill, or the color inspector to define no fill as 
a quicker way)...
> & what do you do with .wmf?

as opposed to wtf?  seriously, it stands for Windows Meta-File... 
it's a vector format used by MS Office products... AI and FH can 
export to .wmf... they should also be able to import them... but if 
you have *no* illustration packages (or similar, like PageMaker, 
Corel apps, etc.), then .wmf is a great way to go since you may 
have MS Works, or MS Office apps, and they can display it and 
print it... manipulating it isn't quite so easy...

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