[thelist] scripting z-index

Matthew Walker matthew at electricsheep.co.nz
Sun Oct 8 20:53:35 CDT 2000

How does one assign a z-index to an element using scripting in Netscape 6?

Take a look at http://www.redesigningresources.org/new/
It works nice in IE5.5 (the cards rotate automatically until you mouseover,
then whichever one you point to comes to the top). In IE4 it's flickery, but
I can fix that. In NN4 well they'll have to have something else, which I'll
sort out.

So the question is NN 6. The z-index stacking works and I can have them
stacked in a different order when the page loads if I want. The timer that
rotates the images works. The only thing that doesn't work is that assigning
a different value to the z-indexes --
	document.all(theCard).style.zIndex = 5
doesn't change anything (doesn't give an error either).

Anybody had experience with this?

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