[thelist] someone else's cookies?

Liz Lawson lizlawson at charitycards.co.uk
Mon Oct 16 11:28:55 CDT 2000

We have started logging cookies in our Apache logs, and we are finding that
for some visitors as well as cookies set by our site either now or in the
past, we are also getting

SITESERVER=ID=and what is presumably a session id string
RMID=presumably a session id string

I thought browers would only return cookies which are set by that particular
domain, but as far as I know we aren't setting them. It could be something
our hosting company has set up, but then why doesn't everyone get them. And
isn't SITESERVER=ID= a microsoft thing?

I don't mind them, but it doesn't fit in with how I thought cookies worked.
Does anyone know where these are coming from?

Liz Lawson
Web Designer, The Greetings Card Company Limited

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