[thelist] login/logout

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Mon Oct 16 14:56:15 CDT 2000

This is great.  Thanks.

I'm asking because I'm dealing with

a site designed by an outside agency, hired by the us.  (prior to my 
arrival). It has a Cold Fusion back end.  I spent 3 hours last night 
trying to clean up their HTML and adding alt tags so it would be more 
degradable & accessible.  It wasn't all that it was all that 
high-tech, just sloppy.  I expect to put many more hours into the 
front end of this (very expensive and way over budget) whiz bang site.

While beta-testing, I was surprised that all my personal info 
(address, phone, etc) was being displayed forever.  I asked & they 
said they'd set it to time out after 6 hours.

6 hours??? seemed a bit long to me.  But then, no one thought to ask 
this question before, I guess.

BTW these people get $115/hr for HTML production...for inaccessible 
sites that won't display properly on any Mac browser.

These are the same sorts of companies that wouldn't give me the time 
of day when I was looking for work.

yet again, I fail to make sense of the dot come world.


>Scott Dexter wrote:
>>  cause it was pointed out that I may have been ambiguous:
>>  > -----Original Message-----
>>  > From: Scott Dexter [mailto:sgd at ti3.com]
>>  >
>>  > We use 20 minutes (between page views) as our default and tune to
>>  --This is what we do here at work; I have no idea with the Evolt timeout
>>  is....
>currently 60 minutes(to deal with a session timing out while you're
>writing your article), this will probably get knocked down to 20 in
>evolt2.0 when we persistant logins..

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