[thelist] CGI - file won't run on server after opened in editor. ? .

deboute benjamin deboute at fr.clara.net
Mon Oct 16 16:53:06 CDT 2000

At 17:16 16/10/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Yeah. I know it's weird but, I have this file commerce.install.db that has 
>an error /msg I'd like in french. I've opened perl scripts with homesite 
>before, and never had any problems but THIS file..... I cannot edit at all 
>without bringing the script to a halt. I have heard about windows-based 
>editors adding a character at the end of a file or something ( vaguely ) 
>and wonder if just using a different editor would do the trick. Clue me 
>in, buds.
>                                         Stef, de Montreal


some editors add a '\r\n' instead of a '\n', or somehing like that.
the only workarounds i know from the time when i faced these problems were 
to use Vi or Notepad, or to do a PERL - or Php or whatever - 
search&&replace on '\r\n'.

benjamin deboute

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