[thelist] hallo? And a discussion ...

Warden, Matt mwarden at odyssey-design.com
Mon Oct 16 17:17:02 CDT 2000

> My question is (yes, I'm trolling, but its been a slow day on thelist and
> wanted to say something other than "TEST"), Do you think this is doomed?
> Will spectators actually bring in a laptop so they can hook into the 'net
> while watching Mike Modano?

Come on! Who *wouldn't* want to bring their laptop to a public event? I
mean, I'm sure no one would get it stolen or anything.

> Services planned to take advantage of the setup include instant messaging
> other seats, viewing (and emailing home) video replays (what about games
> that aren't on tv? --will a fan be able to send home replays from the
> circuit feed? --How does that affect copyright and reproduction rights?),
> and customizing packages (stats and/or video) for a particular player,
> effectively letting a fan play scout.
> (http://hockey.dallasnews.com/stars/191788_15arena.html)

I see small digital cameras that take 10 second video segments and email
them home to a broadcast system that immediately plays them on a web site or
other feed. And only about a 20 second delay!!! Hmmmmm...

<cha-ching />

Seriously, though, I go to events like these to get *away* from the Internet
and computers and that sort of thing. Knowuddimean?


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