[thelist] hallo? And a discussion ...

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Mon Oct 16 17:53:39 CDT 2000

> Just as an example related to this, the network connection 
> could easily be 
> used to provide closed captioning style services for people 
> who are deaf or 
> hard of hearing, to the point where the announcer commentary could be 
> captioned on the fan's palm pilot or laptop (or a rented 
> pad-like device 
> for those without their own).  The reverse could even be 
> implemented, with 
> the spoken play-by-play fed through headphones for blind fans 
> who still 
> want the "I'm at the game" feeling (like one of my friends' 
> father who is 
> blind yet has season tickets to the Ottawa Senators because 
> he loves the 
> "game experience", but has to bring a walkman and pick up the 
> crappy AM 
> radio feed to hear what's going on).

This would be a *beautiful* way to mix the two, and man, I would love to
develop for that. I fear it won't happen though, because experience has
shown me that the truly elegant and useful ideas are the ones that don't
sell advertising. It sucks, I know.

> them and implement them without having greed and marketing as 
> the primary 
> motive.

What other reason is there? ;)

(just being cynical)

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