[thelist] CGI - file won't run on server after opened in edit or. ? .

Aylard JA (James) jaylard at equilon.com
Mon Oct 16 18:08:06 CDT 2000

Seb, et al,

> A client of mine had the exact same problem.  He opened up Perl scripts I 
> supplied to him in Homesite on his Windoze PC, and when he saved them back

> they wouldn't work.  Turned out to be exactly what is described above..

	HomeSite does provide a means to save files in either Unix or
Macintosh format, which I assume would address this problem. To set it to
one of the alternate formats, click the Options menu > select Settings... >
File Settings node > locate the "Format when saving" box.
	Unfortunately, HomeSite does not offer a built-in way to save
individual files in an alternate format, meaning that the user will have to
open the Options property sheet a lot to switch the file format each time.
Another alternative would be to use HomeSite's programmability to write a
script that would toggle the format, and attach that script to a toolbar

James Aylard

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