[thelist] ot (repost?)

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Oct 16 22:24:07 CDT 2000

> On a Mac, go to your control strip and change your monitor to grayscale.
> Then you'll be seeing the values of your colors. If they look OK in black
> and white (and grays), there's a good chance they'll be readable for folks
> who are color-blind.

If you want to check a design in greyscale, do it while you're in Photoshop
working on the design itself, and save screwing with your display properties
at all:

While holding CTRL, hit A, Shift-C, N, Enter, V, E, Shift-U.

You could even leave out N, Enter, E if you were happy to have your
desaturated layer sitting in your open PSD rather than opening a new one to
use as a reference.

For those who don't know their shortcuts, the above translates to: select
all, copy merged, new document, paste, merge down, desaturate.

Even better, sit a Hue/Saturation (set to desaturated) adjustment layer at
the top of your layers palette. Just flick it on and off to check your
progress whenever you want to. You can easily get a new adjustment layer by
CTRL-clicking the new layer icon at the bottom of the palette.


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