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Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Tue Oct 17 01:38:14 CDT 2000

London can be solved with a free ISP (with a little jiggling of their
system, like claiming a UK address when registering the account!
Fortunately, I *have* one as my folks still live there.) try
http://www.connect4free.net/ for instance who I have used successfully.

Alternatively you may want to look into ISP's who have a broader coverage. 
Claranet for instance have free access in London http://www.claranet.co.uk
and also have a branch in Paris http://www.claranet.fr (Benjamin from this
list works there as does one of my best friends in the UK, so I guess I can
vouch for them!).

PSINet are another possibility, though they specialise more in corporate
connections, but you may be able to swing something with them as they have a
network that covers the US and most of Europe  (and checking their website
quickly, I see most of the world has coverage of some sort).

Good luck - and don't forget to pick up telephone plug and power adapters
for all those countries in advance.


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> hey all...
> this is a question for those of you who have done any international 
> travelling.  one of our clients is doing some travelling overseas and 
> was asking about internet access.  i can point him to resources for 
> finding international isps, but are there any issues that need to be 
> considered, i.e. paying, connecting, etc?  i know that other 
> countries have different billing structures than many american isps. 
> he'll be in the following countries and cities: Tokyo, Singapore, 
> Athens, Frankfort, London, Paris, Bangkok and Hong Kong.
> any help in this area would be appreciated. tia...
> jason
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