[thelist] someone else's cookies?

Liz Lawson lizlawson at charitycards.co.uk
Tue Oct 17 03:40:47 CDT 2000

thanks for the info, Matt

>You didn't give a URL and the one in your siggy

Sorry! yeah, that is the one ( www.charitycards.co.uk )

didn't show any SITESERVER
>cookies that I could find, but...

Eeek! I hope you mean that it didn't try to plant any odd cookies on you,
not that you
could see the log files or scripts (*quivers weakly*)? It's not that I'm
getting unexpected cookies as a client, it's that
I'm finding them in the web logs. Not for every user, just some.

>version. However, I suspect that you have banner ads on this site and/or
>images that are located on other servers. When a browser reads:

><img ... src="http://myotherserver.com/myimg.gif" ...>

nope, no banners or images on other servers

>Another server can set a cookie while visiting a page from another domain,
>but the domain of that cookie must be the domain of the other server (I

I know some of the portals linking to us also frame us, (despite a lovely
co-branding feature grr grr), and I wondered if the odd cookies were from
pages in the other frames, but again, surely they shouldn't be returned to
our server?

I thought that a cookie 1) could only be set for the domain which is setting
them, and
2) would only be returned to that domain

Can anyone confirm or correct this for me?

many thanks


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