[thelist] Print Magazine digital design annual

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Oct 17 09:01:38 CDT 2000

anybody get the latest issue of Print Magazine?

it's the 2000 Digital Design Annual, where they showcase a bunch 
of web sites that they think kick arse, or something...

they talk about the static web page as becoming rarer, as they cite 
the amount of sites with at least one animation and lots of Flash-
driven web sites... there were a lot of Flash sites recognized, but at 
least there were some plain-ol'-HTML sites in there as well...

more disappointing (to a hand-coder) was the amount of sites built 
in DreamWeaver or CyberStudio... very little hand-coding... only 
two sites i saw listed a plain text editor as the editor of choice...

anyway, i'm wondering if anyone had any feedback on the designs 

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