[thelist] Setting cookies w/ PHP

Erik Mattheis gozz at gozz.com
Tue Oct 17 09:15:32 CDT 2000

Know nothing of PHP, but experienced this same problem yesterday 
(with Nav 4.75).

I removed the domain attribute if it's a Netscape browser, and then 
the cookie was set. Dunno, was this the way Netscape fixed the 
"Cookie Monster" bug?

I have cookies in my cookie file that have been created since 
installing 4.75 that DO have domain attributes such as .domain.com 
... so it is possible ... how?

>All you PHP gurus out there....HEEEELLLLP!!!
>I'm trying to set a cookie on a redirect page. It sets successfully in IE
>but not Netscape. Here's the code:
>    <?php
>        setcookie ("mycookie", "cookie_value", 600, "/", ".mydomain.com",
>        echo "<html><head><meta http-equiv=\"Refresh\"
>    ?>
>Anyone know why this won't work?

- Erik Mattheis

(612) 827 3963

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