[thelist] Print Magazine digital design annual

Patricia Meeks pmeeks at email.msn.com
Tue Oct 17 10:39:52 CDT 2000

I have that issue of Print and these are the type of sites I'd expect them
to showcase. First, most creative folks could care less about hand coding
(sorry) and they work under impossible deadlines.

Second, in Print magazine, practicality and cost are not factors. If you are
a regular reader, you'll rarely see anything but big budget work and clients
with full color printing jobs using the latest ink and paper effects. Print
is a runway fashion show for the industry where the design rules. Download
times, optimization, browser compatibility and search engine placement just
aren't factors.

Try not to get too bummed out over the issue but do keep Print around to
seed ideas and watch for trends in color and typography to help keep your
sites current.

Patricia Meeks
pmeeks at msn.com

> anybody get the latest issue of Print Magazine?
> anyway, i'm wondering if anyone had any feedback on the designs
> within...

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