[thelist] non-profilt sites?

Andy Olsen andyo at inxpress.net
Tue Oct 17 12:37:42 CDT 2000

At 11:28 AM 10/17/00, you wrote:
>What do you mean by "non-profit?"  what do you mean by
>"well designed?"  Got a list of criteria?

On the first point, I would think she means not-for-profit organizations, 
501(c)(3) or thereabouts. That's what I mean.

>I think that a 'well-designed' site addresses it's audience and serves its 

Kind a vague.  I would say, "used and useful" and attractive.

>What do you think about http://www.pbs.org ?

One of the grandaddies of NFPs. They're so well-funded, they're in a league 
of their own.

>And this: http://www.weblab.org (ooh.  getting kind of old.  original 
>design by http://www.entropy8.com)

entropy is great.

>is a popular non-profit site.

cute. (not). Looks kind of what some of my clients wind up with after 
screwing things up for a while.

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