[thelist] changing registrars

Andrew Jones aijones at northcoast.com
Tue Oct 17 12:49:57 CDT 2000

> one of my domains is coming up for renewal.
> has anybody changed registrars?

  I've changed registrars from NetSol to register.com once without a problem. 
If you already have an account with register.com, it involves requesting the 
change by phone, then confirming the request at a URL sent to you via e-mail. 
About 5 days later NetSol e-mailed me that they were making the change.

  If the e-mail or mailing address listed for your domain record and your 
register.com account are different, I suppose there could be complications. 
Register.com requires you to extend your registration 1 year ($35) which isn't 
a big deal if your registration is about to

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