[thelist] Re: [thelist]Making items availiable for downloading?

Erika Meyer meyer at up.edu
Tue Oct 17 16:38:57 CDT 2000

What do you want help with?  HTML?  making your images display?  Or 
making items available for download?

For HTML, go here:
Read the whole thing. Print it out. You'll need to refer to it often.

For images, you have to save them as a .gif or .jpg.  If it's a 
photo, save it as a 72 dpi .jpg.  If it is something with big, flat, 
colors, save it as a .gif.  To keep things simple, don't use capital 
letters in filenames.  Your file paths have to be correct, also.  If 
you have your images in a subfolder called "images," your image tag 
will go something like this:

<img src="images/foo.gif">

If you don't have an "images" subfolder (or directory), I'd recommend 
making one.

I wouldn't worry about making items available for download until you 
get the HTML basics figured out.  Then you can ask the next question.


>Hey, i just signed up with this list this morning, and so I'm not sure if
>this goes to everyone.  Anyway, I don't have much expierience with HTML
>page-making, and I don't have FRONTPAGE or any page-builders. I am doing a
>Geocities web-site, and I know a bunch of stuff I want to do for it, but my
>pictures aren't showing up, and I don't know how to make items, (word
>documents, music files, emulations,) availiable for download.  Can anyone out
>there help me with this?

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