[thelist] Re: [thelist]Making items availiable for downloading?

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Tue Oct 17 16:40:45 CDT 2000

> Hey, i just signed up with this list this morning, 
> and so I'm not sure if this goes to everyone. 

hi archangel2341 at aol.com

yep, it went out to about 1000 people

> Anyway, I don't have much expierience with HTML page-making, 
> and I don't have FRONTPAGE or any page-builders. 

that's okay, we all had to start somewhere

> I am doing a Geocities web-site, and I know a bunch of stuff 
> I want to do for it, but my pictures aren't showing up

are there any geocities instructions that explain how to set up your page? 
 got a URL you can share?  do they let you create the page over the web, 
or are you using a file transfer program (FTP) to copy your files to their 

> I don't know how to make items, (word documents, music files, 
> emulations,) availiable for download.  Can anyone out there 
> help me with this?

get your page with text and images working first, and add the other items 

there are many here among us... (*) 

... who can help


(*)... who feel that life is but a joke

but you and i, we've been through that
and this is not our fate
so let us not talk falsely now
the hour's getting late

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