OT: RE: [thelist] This ISP has got the idea!!

Steve Cook sck at biljettpoolen.se
Wed Oct 18 10:21:23 CDT 2000

Bah humbug! I think it sounds terrible!

OK, I don't have a problem with the attitude (hell, I used to work in a
comic shop and you know how the customer service is in *those* places!), but
personally, I like an ISP with customer service so that when things go wrong
at *their* end (as happens all too often) you get someone who deals with it.
I would be way too suspicious that if I rang these guys 'cos their dial-up
was down, they would be impossible to deal with.

Regarding the simplicity of the service - fine. I personally choose the
techiest ISP I know in my area of Sweden and pay (despite the amount of free
dial-ups available here) for the knowledge that they have low-congestion,
high technical know-how *and* great customer service. (http://www.tripnet.se
if you're in the market).

However I only use them for dial-up. For web hosting, email etc, I have a
shell-account on a non-profit box in London that's sitting as close to the
backbone as you can get and is run by a group of enthusiastic techies. I
have full shell access (non-root), inlcuding PHP, MySQL, PGP, perl, POP,
qmail, ezmlm, domain server, Webalizer stats - you name it! Costs me
approximately nothing a year :-)

Nah, I think these guys stink *and* they have a bad attitude. What the
Internet business needs is BETTER customer service - not WORSE!

(My 2 öre!)

<tip type="Flash scripting techniques">

Looking for a place with code for some of the coolest Flash scripting
Give http://www.praystation.com a try - browse around the calendar interface
at the bottom of the screen and you'll find quite a few samples where Joshua
Davis (the site's creator) has made zipped archives of the original files
available (try September 4th for instance).


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> Too bad it's only in Hawaii... www.flex.com. Check it out 
> even if you're not
> able to use it, I think most of you will like it.
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