[thelist] Non-Adobe PDF authoring software

Comharsa comharsa at clara.net
Wed Oct 18 10:27:45 CDT 2000

At 15:16 18/10/00, Andy Olsen found time to write:
> From there I found a nice product from 5D, called PDF Creator. It works 
> fine and is a fraction (3/10) of the cost of similar products from Adobe. 
> I liked it better than some other products, which did not function as 
> printer drivers so that any output from any App could be used to make a 
> PDF. PDF Creator allows control over the final form of PDFs and 
> integrates nicely with Monopoly-Word. I paid US$74, and bought it online 
> from programmer's paradise, at 
> http://www.programmersparadise.com/Paradise/home.asp .

I don't know if it applies to outside the UK but if you sign up (free) with 
the print company http://www.ctrlp.com they provide 5D's PDF Creator free.

comharsa at clara.net

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