[thelist] Re: Daylight Savings Bug

Ben Henick persist1_pdx at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 18 10:36:46 CDT 2000

> >Anybody who remembers the multiple-body-tag trick, or the Infamous

>From Netscape 1.1, it allowed users to repeatedly refresh the bgcolor
before the page would actually load.

> >Daylight Savings Bug, or has actually tried to write stylesheets for

>From the original release of NN2 - they just plain didn't account for
DST/summer time.  Most of the world doesn't care, but in most parts of
the States they sure do.

> >IE3, will understand the spirit in which I make my suggestion.
> Could we go over the infamous DST bug, or have a pointer to it?
> I've seen Mac IE 5.x miscalculate the time on the client by an hour-
> is 
> this the bug to which you refer?

See above.  However, I'd be fascinated to read more about this.

> Is there a known workaround more elegant than a browser sniff and an 
> offset? (+/- 1hr if its IE 5.x MacOS?)

I think, too, it's funny as hell if the IE dev team made the same
mistake that was made by Netscape all those dog years ago... whatever
that mistake was.

"The lights are on, but nobody's home..."

In any event, I strongly recommend that you reproduce the problem and
then look for it on MSDN Knowledge Base...

IE5 for Mac has been out long enough that with any luck at all, they've
distributed a patch.

If it's any consolation IE for Windows has pretty bad caching problems
(and that's after you get past the fact that no-cache support is poor).

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