[thelist] This ISP has got the idea!!

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Wed Oct 18 12:54:38 CDT 2000

my delay factor this afternoon (difference between timestamps on posts and 
when they arrive in my inbox) is about a half hour, so excuse me if i am 
repeating something that somebody else might already have remarked on

tech support sure seems to bring out strong emotions, eh?

can we please refrain from excessive swearing

somebody has to be the uptight old fart and insist on decorum, so it might 
as well be me

again, apologies if others have already jumped on this

do you enjoy seeing examples of clean and functional site design?
check out http://www.3bp.com, which also happens to be hilarious, 
if you like jay leno's monday night headlines


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