[thelist] Site Critique

Ashish india_design at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 18 13:15:19 CDT 2000

Wow - what big gif files - why GIF ?
-I took a look at the Project Implementation page - there is an improvement,
but of the links at the top of the page, the Company Info link is spilling
over to the next line, this creates a slightly ugly look (IE5, Win NT, 800 X
600). Further, the font size in the same page looks to be a bit big
- In all the secondary pages, in the logo, the 'T' in the Sytec looks cut
off at the top (even if done delberately)
- I seem to prefer the original company information page (it gives a feeling
of less amount of white-space)
- Ditto for the direction page (it is looking more neat and compact)
On the other hand, your code is much much more readable.
In all, I would say what struck me was that the font size was a bit too
large, and some amount of compactness could be had. For example, you are
giving a margin before the text on every page, while the text on every page
in the original is set against the left. Personally, I find that text set
against the left is easier to read.

Ron White wrote:
> Going for a Network Design Engineer interview on Monday. They currently
> one of their guys do their site on the side, www.sytec1.com. I've offered
> re-work it prior to the interview and they accepted.
> http://gate.net/~ronwhite/SyTec/Default.htm is the work over. I didn't
> a whole lot of material to work with, but any suggestions for tweaking
> be appreciated. I've got some more ideas for the site, but don't can't
> the time at the moment.

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