[thelist] This ISP has got the idea!!

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Wed Oct 18 13:25:38 CDT 2000

>tech support sure seems to bring out strong emotions, eh?


>can we please refrain from excessive swearing

Mea culpa, Rudy, and thanks for the reminder. To thelist in general, I

<tip type="professional behavior">
Untraining a high-octane pottymouth can be a time-consuming activity, but it
pays off. Excessive swearing can make you look stupid when you're trying to
make a point, no matter how thoughtful or well-intentioned.

In this case my particular rant put me on the same level the people I was
griping about. Sorry if I put anybody off.

Not sure what set me off; probably just the tone. I really dislike the "You
don't know what you're doing so we're not going to deal with you" attitude.
It's anathema to my way of thinking.

And FWIW, Ron, I have worked tech support. It's a secondary function for me
here and I've done it as a primary function at a previous employer. I think
that in general the attitude "Idiots don't deserve decent treatment" really
stinks. And yeah, these people (FlexNet) state their case clearly at the
beginning. Don't ask questions, don't expect help. I have no idea what
circumstances led up to the "Disgruntled Customer" letter, but I firmly
believe that language like "If you fail we kick your butt out." is crappy
business. NOT the practice of catering to tech-savvy people, mind you. Just
the way it's conveyed. 

>somebody has to be the uptight old fart and insist on decorum, 
>so it might as well be me

It's appreciated.


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