[thelist] How does it look?

Mike Buffington mike at price.com
Wed Oct 18 17:17:04 CDT 2000

Ok, I know a lot of this has been going on today, so, being a shameless
opportunist, how about a site critique?


I just redid it from an older design, and haven't had any reaction yet. I
doubt it's very "older browser compatible", but I still sleep at night
knowing that, so it must be OK.

<tip type="Cold Fusion 4.5">
Having trouble making session variables stay active longer than 20 minutes
in your CF App?

In the Cold Fusion administrator under variables, set the default timeout to
whatever you're comfortable with (rather than the default 20 minutes).

Michael Buffington
mike at price.com
(714) 556-3890 x222

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