[thelist] CFGrid

Ed Nolan ed at nolans.net
Wed Oct 18 18:59:21 CDT 2000

Just a simple question for anyone familiar with Cold Fusion:

Using a cfform, I would like the user to enter the number of records he/she
would like to create.  Let's say the user enters a value of "3".  Upon
submission of the form, the action form should present all of the blank
fields for three records.  For example, assuming there are four fields per
record, the action form would present 12 fields (three records each with
four fields).  The user could then complete the records and submit them to
the database.

The question:  Is it possible to create the correct number of records
(fields) using Cold Fusion forms?  If so, should I create them in the
database first and them display them?  Should I use the CFGrid or other CF
tags?  Then again, if I should have the user create one record at a time,
I'd sure appreciate knowing that, as well.

Thank you very much in advance!

--- Ed Nolan

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