[thelist] This ISP has got the idea!!

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Oct 18 19:53:08 CDT 2000

It's a niche market. They're not targeting newbies. I'm sure there are a
number of people out there who don't want to pay for tech support, and don't
use it. I've called my dial-up support maybe once in months and months, and
the problem ended up being that my cat had partially pulled the modem cable
out (only just enough for it to weird-out the modem).

Would I accept a lower monthly cost in exchange for not calling that support
line - yeh, probably.

I use a *very* budget hosting service with very little tech support (there's
an email address. Sometimes they answer; sometimes they don't. ;p) It works
for me. If it doesn't work for you, don't use it.

I don't think they're being "assholes" - they make it exceptionally clear up
front that you're on your own with regards to support issues. I bet they
have a lot of customers who appreciate the lowered costs.


> The right idea about what? Being assholes? Screw that! I don't
> pay people to
> give me the Nietzschian sink or swim shit. It's one thing to
> offer discount
> access with no tech support (Is $10 really that cheap? One of our local
> telcos runs an ISP that offers a $10 account if you get your long distance
> through the telco.), but there's no reason to be abusive about it. I think
> that's just completely uncalled for. And warning somebody in advance that
> you don't offer support doesn't give you the latitude to be a raging
> dickhead in your letter back.
> It doesn't seem to me that that kind of business plan is going to get them
> rich. Maybe that's not what they're after, and caveat emptor and all that,
> but geez...what bunch of horse crap...

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