[thelist] JS Question - Right align text in input box??

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Wed Oct 18 20:37:54 CDT 2000

Shoshannah ,

:  From: Shoshannah Forbes
:  > <input type="text"
:  >    value="Watch me!"
:  >    dir="rtl">
:  >
:  > IE displays the result as: "!Watch me". A bug? Probably.
:  That is not a bug. When going from right-to-left, the punctuation goes on
:  the left, not on the right.

i think what james(?) was trying to say was that it should all be right to
left and not just the punctuation.  for example:

!em hctaW

then again, i don't speak Hebrew.  maybe i'm really just smoking a bad batch
of crack.



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