[thelist] WAP gateway UP.Link

Les Lytollis l.lytollis at hughesrae.co.uk
Thu Oct 19 07:51:17 CDT 2000

Hi Evolters,

I am trying to use a Vignette plug-in from Phone.com which supports push
technology, but I dont know how to find out if I can send a message to  say
Orange or BTCellnet numbers.

The example given is

set myMan(ADDRESS) "5125891165_up2.upl.sprintpcs.com"

which I presume is a phone number for a Sprint account. The docs tell me

"This plug-in communicates with a wireless carrier's Phone.com UP.Link WAP
gateway. You must verify which wireless carriers support push messaging
through the UP.Link gateway before using this plug-in. Currently, only
Sprint PCS provides a public offering."

So can I use this app with, say, Orange or Vodafone numbers in the UK?

Thanks for any advice,

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