[thelist] Transferring Freehand Mac files to a PC

Jason Morehead jmorehead at alphalincoln.com
Thu Oct 19 08:42:01 CDT 2000

>I was sent a floppy with a file created with Mac freehand 5.
>I own freehand 8 for PC, and have to Mac experiance.
>How do I open the file with my windows freehand? Windows  (98) does not even
>recognize the formatting of the disk.

first of all, it needs to be a windows-formatted disc.  this is no 
problem, since macs have always been able to mount windows-formatted 
discs.  just pop that disc in there, and copy over your file.  you 
should also make sure you name it using the 8.3 format - 8 characters 
for the filename and 3 characters for the file extension, like 
"freehand.fh5" or whatever.  better safe than sorry.

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