[thelist] Transferring Freehand Mac files to a PC

Baker, Nick BakerN at mso.umt.edu
Thu Oct 19 08:54:46 CDT 2000

	I work on a Mac at home and a windoze machine at work. Onthe Mac I
have MacLink, and on the Windoze (2000) machine I have MacOpener--both
Dataviz programs. These programs allow Mac and Windoze machines to
transparently read each other's files. I don't think I've had a Freehand 5
file lately, but Dataviz can tell you if their translators can do it.
<Disclaimer> I have no relationship with Dataviz other than as a satisfied
customer. < /Disclaimer>


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I was sent a floppy with a file created with Mac freehand 5.
I own freehand 8 for PC, and have to Mac experiance.
How do I open the file with my windows freehand? Windows  (98) does not even
recognize the formatting of the disk.

Shoshannah Forbes

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