[thelist] printing out a webpage that doesn't cut off the last inch to the right

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 19 11:52:40 CDT 2000

> From: Sam-I-Am <sam at sam-i-am.com>
> I'm using the same OS, same browsers, same print media, and yet I
> measure a printable area (width) of 671 pixels give or take a few.
> What are the other variables? 
> It must be a print resolution issue?

margins?  i like fatter margins...

> Does anyone else have experience with this? To recap, I'm trying to find
> a nominal maximum fixed width for a web page that, when printed from the
> browser, will fit without cropping on the page (A4 / legal, portrait)

i have an idea... post a .gif with every pixel shown and count 'em off 
by 5s... then ask a few of us to print 'em out... i can't find my copy 
of ScreenRuler, or i'd just whip one up for you...

who knows, since i rebuilt my system 2 weeks ago, those 
numbers i cited might be different for me now...

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