[thelist] IE5 and IE4

Aylard JA (James) jaylard at equilon.com
Thu Oct 19 12:00:58 CDT 2000


> Further, was told that IE5 does not really do a complete re-install
> and leaves a few DLL's behind ( true / false / no idea ?).

	I'm sure it updates whatever dlls it needs; perhaps some dll
versions stay the same.

> Can i just uninstall IE5 and then install IE4 (I desparately want to avoid
> format and re-install of NT) and hope that it will be like an original
> version of IE4, or I am just hoping against hope.

	This should work -- I've done it without trouble. When you uninstall
IE5, the browser will revert to the version that was originally installed
with the OS, which with NT4 can sometimes even be IE 2. You can then install
IE4 on top of that.
	What you might want to do, after you've installed IE4, is install
IE5 with the optional, advanced setting to maintain IE4 in "compatibility"
mode. IE4 and IE5 can then coexist peacefully on the same PC. The caveat is
that IE4 in compatibility mode is not the full-fledged standalone IE4, but
uses the same browser framework that IE5 uses, but with the core IE4
rendering engine. From what I've seen, you can't really tell the difference
between IE4 in compatibility mode and IE4 in standalone mode, although in my
experience, transition filters don't work in compatibility mode.
	Good luck.

James Aylard

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