[thelist] development browsers..

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Thu Oct 19 14:40:47 CDT 2000

> From: Seb Barre <sebastien at oven.com>
> We've been having discussions back and forth here at work (and in other 
> circles) about the feasibility of putting together a 'development browser' 
> package, which would incorporate all the various DLLs for each version of 
> IE, from 5.5 down to 3.x, and allow hot-switching of the rendering engine 
> to test for older browsers..  Possibly using a pre-made front-end like 
> NeoPlanet (which uses the IE rendering engine already).

don't forget that MS releases many system fixes and updates 
through IE updates as well... so you never know if rolling back to 
an older version will render something on your system wonky... 
also, how would you propose to re-register all the DLLs when you 
swap engines back and forth?

> I wonder why this was never done by Microsoft, since one of their strong 
> points is developer support (no matter what you love to bitch about 
> regarding MS, you can't argue that).  It seems that since all the IE stuff 
> is pluggable system DLLs that can be embedded in other programs, it 
> wouldn't be that difficult to make (in relative terms).


> When I have more time I am planning on exploring this idea in more 
> detail.  If anyone is handy with Microsoft MFC or Win32 programming in 
> general, I'd love to hear from you..  There is no mailing list as of yet or 
> anything really organized for this project, but we've been getting alot of 
> interest in it..

not one of those guys, but since there are bunches of them around 
me every day, i'm aware of some of the hassles... good luck with 

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