[Fwd: [thelist] ftp and vss]

Sam-I-Am sam at sam-i-am.com
Thu Oct 19 16:30:19 CDT 2000

(zero response on wedesign-l, trying here)

We use VSS for managing version control (both Win32 and Mac clients) -
all contributors checking files in and out to make changes - but in this
case work will be on a live site.

the VSS __Client__ can FTP to the offsite server for me when I check
files in. But this is not supported by the Mac version (by metrowerks)

And even if it was I'm worried some bright spark will be in too much of
a hurry and go round the back of VSS and FTP directly.

Anyone any recommendations? As it is I'm theoretically the sole
"webmaster" on this project, so I can easily synchonize the VSS project
with the offsite
server. Should someone panic over the weekend though, I'm left with a
mess to sort out when I get back - merging / updating and risking loss
of data. 

Live server is Linux/Apache (offsite,not mine), local environment is NT
Win* and Mac clients. 


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